Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hi friends
I just came across this new search engine for shopping , SaveBucket . Quite simple design i must say . The best feature that i really liked was that of comparing price and features . Although similar thing is also available on eBay but well then eBay is different type of website where things are sold by people , not eBay . eBay is not a store but a market place where anybody can come and open his/her shop , but it's upto you to decide to trust or not to trust that seller . While SaveBucket is like big shopping complex where only good stores are allowed to open their shops . SaveBuckets keeps a eye on the best selling products and list them on its frontpage . And even if i am not convinced of the price of any product , i can just set a email notification which will tell me if that product is available on my choice of price .

price comparison


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